Refusal Cases


What to do next if you get a visa refusal?

The first step towards planning to visit to an international destination is obtaining the visa for the said destination. The visa procedures are lengthy and also attract huge efforts and costs. The applicants need to follow stringent procedural guidelines in order to apply for visas of various countries.

  • Some of the primary reasons for such visa refusal cases include missing documents (where either the applicant has forgotten to submit some statutory documents or such documents have been misplaced during the process).
  • Incomplete Affidavit of Support which is mandatory for individuals applying for a visa where their families are staying in such destination countries or applying for employment in the destination countries.
  • Failure to complete the prescribed medical examination prior to applying for a visa.
  • misrepresentation of fact (intentional or unintentional); and other such reasons.


We have done following cases like study visa, visitor visa and dependant visa for or USA / UK / Aus / Canada and Europe.